Miranda Medina Photography
Thanks to Love, Happiness & Photos for the beautiful family portrait.

Connection. Meaning. Love. All wrapped up in a priceless memento we call a photograph. For me, these treasures are vital to life’s greater purpose.

Growing up in a poor family, we did not have luxuries like cameras and video recorders. As a result I have very few photos from my childhood. These photographs are rare snapshots of my life. Memories that I will treasure forever.

My passion for photography ignited upon the birth of my daughter. At that time, I stopped shooting in Auto and learned my camera’s settings. I honed my skill at the University of Washington and mentored with several professionals in the industry.

The business side of things came when friends wanted me to take their picture, too. I aspired to provide something meaningful to them.

Every time you step into your living room, I want you to feel the warm, loving connection you share with loved ones. The images hanging on your wall can awaken those emotions. They tell your children, “I belong here” and “I am loved." Over time, these images become part of your unique family story - your legacy.


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